Access Control

Key-less Access | Dual Authentication | Bio-metric Access

AVS designs state of the art Access Control Systems to help our customers safely manage and control the flow of people or employees through a secured area. Whether a building, a parking lot gate, or a campus environment, we can design a system to grant access on an individual basis, to limit access to certain days/times, as well as block unauthorized access.

The latest keyless access readers provide an greater level of control while maintaining an electronic log of all entries along with any declined transactions, forced entries, or doors propped open.

By eliminating the use of keys, we create a more convenient and responsive access management process. Adding and removing individuals, and customizing their level of access, becomes a much simpler task.

We Specialize In All Aspects Of Access Control


With advances in technology, more people are looking to their smart phones as a means to streamline daily routines. Today’s businesses are looking to simplify access control by incorporating Bluetooth reader technology and eliminating the need to carry a card.


Biometric access control is based on a person’s unique fingerprint, voice, or a retinal scan. This high-level technology is often used in correctional facilities, high-value inventory storage, and other sensitive zones where access must be strictly controlled.

Multi-Factor Authentication

For the ultimate access control, technologies can be linked to make sure that credentials match.  By combining two levels of identification, Dual Authentication can discourage and block attempts to gain access with another user’s credentials.  This brings an extra layer of security to sensitive areas.

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