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Providing excellent service since 1995.

Since it’s inception in 1995, AVS Technology has been creating a reputation for providing excellent service and superior quality to every project we take on. We take pride in providing our customers with top-tier support and products.


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System Health Monitoring

Security Software Services

We ensure that the several services that run security software on the server are running correctly.

CPU Utilization

We constantly monitor CPU usage and generate alerts if any application is using too many resources.

DIsk SPace

We monitor disk space usage and automatically clean up files through various scripts.

Update/Patch Status

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Anti-Virus Status

We install enterprise-grade antivirus software on every device to ensure everything stays secure.

Network Device Ping

We are constantly monitoring the devices’ network connection to ensure that they communicate with the server.

System Management


We pride ourselves on exceptional programming services. Our skilled technicians tailor the systems to your unique needs, using the latest technology for optimal system performance.

System Comissioning

We’ll test your devices to ensure they function properly. Avoid disruptions and downtime by detecting issues early. With our testing services, you can trust your system to run efficiently.

Service Management

We offer remote diagnosis services for technical issues. Our skilled team will access your systems to identify problems and decide if an onsite technician is required.

Manufacturer Coordination

Our team is expertly trained by manufacturers and constantly updated with new product knowledge, ensuring nothing but exceptional support for your devices.

Operator Training

We offer customized, comprehensive operator training. Our team of experts provide hands-on experience to maximize productivity, minimize downtime, and prevent errors.

Investigation Assistance

We assist with investigations by providing support, analyzing data, streamlining the process and ensuring reliability of information. Time is critical, so we work efficiently with you to achieve success in your investigation.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance programs will maximize system uptime and minimize unexpected downtime.

System Backups

We keep your system safe by backing it up regularly. Ensuring data integrity.

Events Review

We’ll review any outstanding alarms in the system and look for any anomalies.

Software Updates

We keep up with the manufacturer’s recommended and approved updates to ensure your system is working smoothly while ensuring compatibility.


We’re constantly monitoring server performance to ensure proper operation. We will review any issues and triage problems.

System Integrity

We monitor camera image quality and recording metrics to ensure your system is always working. 

Product Lifecycle-Management

Our team will evaluate your equipment to ensure that any end-of-life equipment is upgraded in a timely manner in order to provide a fully functional system.

Access Control


With advancements in technology, more people are using their smartphones to make their daily routines more efficient. Today’s businesses are simplifying access control by incorporating Bluetooth reader technology and doing away with the need to carry a card.


Biometric access control is based on a person’s unique fingerprint, voice, or retinal scan. This high-level technology is often used in correctional facilities, high-value inventory storage, and other sensitive zones where access must be strictly controlled.


For the ultimate access control, technologies can be linked to ensure that credentials match. By combining two levels of identification, Multi-Factor authentication can discourage and block attempts to gain access with another user’s credentials. This brings an extra layer of security to sensitive areas.

Video Surveillance


We provide flexible and customizable video surveillance solutions to fit both your needs and budget. Our on-premises hardware approach delivers cloud-managed system benefits without the hassle. Our state-of-the-art systems seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure and come in a range of customizable options. We cater to organizations of all sizes with top-quality systems and personalized service. Trust us to exceed your expectations with reliable and cost-effective solutions. 

Cloud Hosted

We provide tailored cloud solutions for your business to reach its maximum potential with unbeatable performance, reliability, and flexibility. Our experienced experts prioritize security, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, offering fully-managed services for an optimized environment. Choose us for hassle-free cloud services.


As a leading provider in the industry, we offer cutting-edge video surveillance analytics services including license plate recognition, facial recognition, and motion detection for unparalleled security. Our solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of every customer.